Another- Random Rant

I was born into a family, a Hindu, Telugu, BRAHMIN FAMILY!  Brahmins are known for their fair skin and sharp features. Thats how everyone in my family looked, well… except for THE most beautiful person (at least that’s what I think) my DAD. My Father has beautiful melanin skin and the kinkiest of curls.

On my moms side of the family, my brother and I were the “black sheep). I remember one day, one of my cousins said “get out of the sun before you get even DARKER”. To be honest, this is a common topic within the Indian community. The less “pale” you are, the more unattractive you are considered. Hence, my self-esteem !

I love Indian films but no one looked like me! Everyone was fair skinned with sharp-features. I could not relate. Growing up, I idolized Brandy, Tia, and Tamera; this was because these are the only women on TV that looked somewhat similar to me.  I got bullied from elementary through college for having a darker complexion. I am now 27, it may have taken years of me researching nose-jobs, or skin-lightening techniques. But the media in the United States of America does a much better job of representing an average Indian Woman. Not everyone looks like Aishwarya Rai! Although she is stunning, we need to embrace our natural Melanin skin! I am HAPPY with my brown skin, I am HAPPY with my wide nose, I am HAPPY with my full- lips!  BE HAPPY IN YOUR SKIN!