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    In July 2017, I cut 9 inches off my hair. It was an impulsive decision and I regretted it a few days later. There are a lot of “natural remedies” for hair growth but none seemed to work for me. A lot of people from the Indian Subcontinent would recommend coconut oil. Although that works […]

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  • Another- Random Rant

    I was born into a family, a Hindu, Telugu, BRAHMIN FAMILY!  Brahmins are known for their fair skin and sharp features. Thats how everyone in my family looked, well… except for THE most beautiful person (at least that’s what I think) my DAD. My Father has beautiful melanin skin and the kinkiest of curls. On […]

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  • December Favorites

    Hello Loves, Here are my favorite skin care products for the month of December. I love purchasing skin and hair products from the Indian store since most of them are natural. If there is no Indian store near by, you can always order it on! P.S. SORRY FOR THE HORRIBLE QUALITY OF THE IMAGES. […]